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We humans are an integral part of the fabric of nature.

We share DNA not only with other mammals, but (to some extent) with all other animals, insects, even trees.

In nature, what looks like a mess is actually an intricate ecosystem, in which each element, no matter how small, plays a crucial role.

When we experience ourselves as part of the living system of nature, we begin to come home to our wholeness.

Spoiler alert: This mostly requires slowing down and paying deep attention.

We are nature. We are the planet. We are the mess.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a nonfiction writer and editor, and I have a very active and creative mind that can be the source of great inspiration…or great pain.

Living the Mess grew out of my personal adventures in neuroplasticity and my journey towards inner peace.

It would be nice if that path looked neat and orderly, but it doesn’t. My path looks messy. Your path looks messy. 21st century Western life in general looks messy. It can be difficult to navigate our unique paths unless we learn to identify with that which binds us together, instead of that which keeps us separate.

I write about the practices and insights that have transformed the way I experience this life.

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