Recovering from Post-viral Fatigue Syndrome

By Sarah Chauncey | February 20, 2020

My doctor didn’t think I would recover from post-viral fatigue syndrome. I did. Here’s what happened and what helped me.

The Benefits of Inner and Outer Silence

By Sarah Chauncey | February 7, 2017

I wrote this post more than three years ago, long before COVID-19. Today, many people are dealing with silence and solitude on a level they never expected (or wanted). I’m feeling powerless to help, so I’m sharing my experiences in dealing with solitude and uncertainty.

When Thoughts Become Torture

By Sarah Chauncey | May 10, 2015

If you’ve never had an intrusive thought, it’s hard to imagine. These are thoughts that appear, unbidden and undesired, and that (in my experience) are immune to the techniques I usually use to stop thinking. I guess the best way to describe it is the example of “Don’t think about a pink elephant.”

Before (I Have Known Pain)

By Sarah Chauncey | August 11, 2014

These days, most of the time, I feel pretty calm. The mind gets wound up, sure, and sometimes there’s anger or agitation or sadness, but all in all, underlying it is a feeling of peace. That wasn’t always the case. Mine was not a transient depression or anxiety disorder. Over the course of 22 years,…