Labels are for Jars

Labels are for Jars

By Sarah Chauncey | February 9, 2017

The very first thing I did, on my path to healing, was to stop labeling my brain. This was a huge shift. Labels had been my crutch for years. I’d been an active and eager participant in finding external reasons why I was the way I was. I’d had 12 labels—diagnoses—placed on my brain over…

Before (I Have Known Pain)

By Sarah Chauncey | August 11, 2014

These days, most of the time, I feel pretty calm. The mind gets wound up, sure, and sometimes there’s anger or agitation or sadness, but all in all, underlying it is a feeling of peace. That wasn’t always the case. Mine was not a transient depression or anxiety disorder. Over the course of 22 years,…